Flash is Dead. Long Live HTML5 Animations

Adobe is abandoning Flash in the near future.
HTML5 is compatible with iPhones and iPad, Android, Windows and Apple Browsers, Simple animations for banners and advertisements can be done in HTML5.

WordPress Site Development
A WordPress website is an easy site for a client to manage, add pages, change inventory, add pictures, or put up current sales information. It is a low-tech option for many small businesses who do not need full time web management. Custom Designed WordPress sites allows the small business owner the flexibility of updating daily content with a few quick strokes of the pen.

Drupal Sites are for more complex websites with many pages. The client can manage the site, but it often takes a dedicated individual or team to run a fully active Drupal site.  Drupal is appropriate for constantly changing content, like a newspaper or magazine, for a library and archive for a university, and for businesses which provide a lot of customer information.

HTML5 Advertising Banners are replacing Flash banners and ads. Simple banner ads are accessible to mobile phones as well as standard web browsers.

We also do sites for churches and non-profits, and I just threw in an example of a sports oriented page design that was used by a mid-sized company for a season to fill out this HTML5 Sliding Panel Example.